Flight Cancellation Policy

  • Helistar Cambodia reserves the right to cancel or postpone flights due to weather, safety or operational necessity.
  • Safety is our primary consideration in all operations and Helistar Cambodia will accept no compromise to safety standards.
  • In the event of a cancellation by Helistar Cambodia, no charge will be made to the client.
  • The following charges apply to cancellations by clients:
    Cancellation Charges:

    • More than 7 days notice: No charge
    • Less than 48 hours notice: 50% charge of full fare (minus any bank fees)
    • Less than 24 hours notice: 100% charge of full fare (minus any bank fees)
  • In the event that a booking is made with Helistar Cambodia and the passenger(s) fail to arrive (‘No Show’) at the nominated date and time without having contacted Helistar Cambodia, the client will be charged in full.
  • Additional costs incurred by Helistar Cambodia in preparation for any operation that is subsequently cancelled due to weather will be charged to the client in full. These may include ground operations, advertising costs or specific aircraft reconfiguration and repositioning charges.

Method of Payment

All bookings must be paid for in full before flight starts. Payment by credit card, can not be refund by cash.

Passenger Manifesting Requirements

All passengers are required to provide full name, accurate weight and baggage details prior to their flight. These details are required for aircraft manifesting and loading calculations.

Child Policy

  • Children must be accompanied during the flight by a parent, guardian, or a person responsible for them.
  • Children under 3 years-old – travelling on an adult’s lap free of charge. (Maximum 2 Children)
  • Children between 3 years-old to 11 years-old will be charged at 50% of the scenic flight rate and a copy of passport/certificate of birth date is required.


  • Light handbags and small backpacks are permitted on flights. Larger or heavier items are permitted by prior arrangement, subject to confirmed size and weight.
  • Dangerous goods as specified by aviation regulations are not permitted on Aircraft flights.
  • Helistar Cambodia will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused in the handling of passengers’ equipment, property or luggage, including as a result of negligence.

Weather Conditions

Helicopter flights take place in acceptable weather conditions. Should the weather change adversely before the flight, or may be likely to change during the course of the flight, we reserve the right to terminate the flight and return to base or land at the nearest convenient location.

Operational Limitations

Sometimes, there may be occasions beyond our control which result in a flight being postponed or cancelled. In these circumstances we will inform you as quickly as possible so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss which you may incur in these circumstances.

Each helicopter flight is subject to a pre-flight weight calculation to ensure maximum all up weight is within the helicopter manufacturer’s lift parameters. All passengers and luggage weights must be advised for the reservation to be confirmed. In any event weight calculations may limit the number of passengers that we are able to take at any one time.

Acceptance of Pilot and Crew Instructions

Passengers must, at all times, obey the specific instructions of the pilot or crew for these, inevitably, concern flight safety or the general enjoyment of the flight for all passengers. The pilot has absolute authority and responsibility for the flight and will refuse to fly any person who appears unfit to fly or may be likely to be a risk to the safety or enjoyment of the flight by other passengers.

Price Policy

All prices quoted are per person (pp) and include all local taxes and are in US dollars


  • All flights are covered by passenger liability insurance
  • We carry the appropriate regulatory, insurance in respect of any liability we may incur for loss or damage to property or death or injury of any person arising out of and during the course of our flight and general business operations. We will gladly supply further details upon request.