Our Pilots are experienced with the range of weather conditions that Cambodia can provide. However, passenger safety is our most important concern and should the weather not be acceptable for continued flight our Pilots are trained to take appropriate action. This may involve cancelling a flight or discontinuing a flight if the weather does not meet our minimum standards of visibility, turbulence and cloud ceiling.

Due to Cambodia’s monsoonal climate, particularly between June and Oct (the wet season), storms can build up very quickly. It may be fine in the morning but if you are flying in the afternoon and this occurs and there is a safety risk and the pilot deems it unsuitable to fly, we may have to cancel the flight. Should this occur, then our policy is to refund the full ticket price or re-schedule an alternative flying time.

Climate and Seasons in Cambodia

There are 2 seasons in Cambodia and a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. The northeast monsoon season runs from December through April, bringing sunny, dry weather especially in January and February. The rains come when the winds shift into the southwest monsoon from May to November, with the most precipitation in the months of September and October.

Cambodia heats up steadily from February to April, with temperatures peaking as high as 40°C in April. Temperatures remain high in May and June, and the southwest monsoon brings in more humidity and some very sticky days! From July through October there will certainly be some rainfall, but it usually comes in short showers.