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Helistar Cambodia installs Air-Conditioning System

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -4th of June, 2013- Helistar Cambodia has just completed its installation of the air-conditioning system for its Eurocopter AS350 fleet.

Purchasing the system from RSG Products, Inc. (formerly Integrated Flight Systems or IFS), Helistar Cambodia’s ex-patriate Engineering Team completed the fleet installation in 3 weeks. RSG Products  is currently the largest external supplier of air conditioners for the Eurocopter AS350/EC130 model product line.

“In our continued effort to offer new and exciting sightseeing experiences to our guests, we are proud to announce the installation of this air-conditioning system,” said Sam Hin, Managing Director of Helistar Cambodia. “In summer-time, temperatures in Cambodia can rise to 40 degrees celcius. For sight-seeing and long distance charter work, this air-conditioning system will allow our guests to travel in maximum comfort”.

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