Helistar Cambodia contracts with Airbus Helicopter (Singapore) for major spare parts, aircraft modifications and 12 years inspection (overhaul). Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME) of Helistar Cambodia perform all periodic inspections (monthly, 25 hrs, 30 hrs, 50 hrs, 150 hrs/10 years), scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance activities based on the company’s approved Maintenance Program of the SSCA. Engineers’ licenses are scrutinized for their authenticity and are validated by Cambodia’s aviation authority, the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA).

The Helistar Cambodia management believes in the “SAFETY FIRST” slogan, that is why our utmost goal is to attain a zero accident helicopter operation. The company employs only highly experienced, competent and factory trained (Airbus Helicopter Training Academy) foreign helicopter engineers.

Helistar Cambodia has a maintenance hangar in Phnom Penh where it keeps spare parts, equipment and tooling for their helicopter fleet.

All maintenance jobs are carried out under manufacturers’ directives and meet Part 145 EASA Regulations.